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Sammie Lei is an English actress turned independent film maker based in the London area.

Born in Hanover west Germany, she moved to England at 2 years old and studied performing arts from the age of 7 -18 which also included Dance.
She went on to work in various theatre productions and entertainment
Sammie Leis first production Roofied 
2017 - 2019 is based on the true events around her teen years.

Sammie Lei is also known as Samantha Fullbrook
best known in the glamour industry from 2000 - 2014

Film Review


Single mother of two with modest means makes a cathartic statement film trilogy.

The video exorcism of real events carries a very powerful message.


Everybody has to start somewhere R1 while setting the story for the next films the technical quality reflects an early lack of knowledge, something her tenacity overcame as the trilogy progresses no longer relying on others



Miss Lei has become a very competent editor R3 demonstrates her eye for the cut and continuity of the story.

The films are a graphic portrayal of the violence and coercive control used in the world of sex trafficking, urban and gritty, the realistic action may not be for the faint-hearted.



A fictional portrayal of real events the films are a triumph of zero budget collaborative film making.

In addition to writing the film script, producing, editing and overall directing Sammie Lei  also gives a gripping performance as Lucy.



Luing Andrews with his dominating screen presence was well cast as the boss.


The list of actors is long with some well-known people in cameos. In R3


Miss Lei's is introducing many actors in their debut film roles with outstanding performances by Stu Armstrong,

Kelly page Rynsard, 

Ian Rynsard.

Brothers Chas and Norm Dowry to name but few.

If you have ever been a victim of coercive control or sexual violence? 


if you want to get a grip on what is happening now all over Europe on the dark side of the sex industry.


If your daughter is off on a gap year tour, if your answer yes to any of the above


then R3 will be a very stark warning about an under-reported scourge of our time and some say of all time.

At a recent screening of R3 I witnessed some of the audience moved to tears.

If controversial filmmakers Stanley Kubrick (clockwork orange) Or Ken Russel ( The Devils,) where on FB today they would be would be giving Miss Sammie Lei “Film Maker” a very big thumbs up. 
Tom Hall.