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A few years ago Sammie decided she was going to tell a cathartic story from when she first started out in her dancing career. 

The move to the other side of the camera has been successful and a steep learning curve.   

During the making of her film, something terrible happened that would change her forever  

After some soul searching and being called a liar on National Television, and social media

Sammie  with the support of friends found the strength to fight back,  unfortunately, this proved to be worse than the first assault. As people still decided to Troll and harass over what happened

Only 1.7% of reported rapes are prosecuted in England leaving Sammie with little choice but to seek justice  herself 

 Miss Lei Has made a documentary-style account collecting recordings and evidence over the last year and documents the continued cyberstalking she gets today

When the criminal justice system lets you down we have no choice but to tell our side of the story another way

You decide ? 

Watch the Film

The Truth

The Actor who lured me into trusting him then attacked me on my birthday then tried to victim shame me and taking the women he had a child with on national tv and embarrassing a whole cast and crew , this is why i spoke up ,and have continued to fight for justice This man has continued to harass me along with his firm fella buddy's, NO MORE



                     The Directors cut

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The ColdSTEALER who calls himself TV Bandit =Kris Smith